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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunni Outrage Against Al-Qaeda Grows

The good folk at Captain's Quarters picked up on two more news articles concerning the growing actions of Sunnis against Al-Qaeda that we discussed in “Iraq Pessimists may be in for a Surprise”. Here is a link for a March, 2nd article, and another for a March, 11th piece. It looks like the trend is continuing, which although bad news for Zarqawi, will also likely mean continued escalation of desperate acts in the short term.

The further Zarqawi goes in outraging Sunnis, however, the greater his opposition will grow. Reports from various sources of bodies being found that included foreigners have been depicted by most media outlets as signs of civil war. We're betting that a number of these are actually the work of cleaning out foreign insurgents by these Sunni groups.

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