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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Is there a Candidate that would be a Good President?

John McCain made a cute play to enhance his chances for the Presidency by encouraging Republicans to cast their straw poll votes for Bush at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. He knew he was going to lose, so he tried to invalidate the results.

Now we have Russ Feingold trying a similar disingenuous move in his bid to become the candidate of choice for the left wing of the Democratic party, by introducing a censure of President Bush. Feingold knows full well it has no chance of being supported, not just among Republicans, but by the main stream candidates of his own party. The object is to gain support among those disenchanted with Hillary Clinton's effort to position herself as a moderate.

A pox on both of these candidates. Tricks and cynical political moves are not the stuff of which good Presidential candidates should be made. We have much too much in the way of political figures playing for sound bites, prevaricating, and manipulating rather than illuminating. Maybe it is naive to expect straight shooters who lay out sincere, honest, and serious positions on the important issues.

The media does not help. After a political speech or debate the press critiques “the performance” and not the substance of what was said. Rather than a credible analysis of the issues, they talk about how many times the politician blinked, tapped a pencil, or smiled.

For our sake, I hope both parties have candidates emerge from the pack to give the American people a reasonable choice between two principled grownups. The Presidency is more than a chance to gain partisan advantage. Regardless of your political leaning, the President of the United States should be someone who can be trusted to put the interests of the country above games and political ploys.

Does character matter? When the nation faces critical and often unpredicted events, character - and mature, reasoned judgment - are the most important characteristics we need in a President. Which candidates in your view fit that bill?

Vote for your choice in comments.

Comments on "Is there a Candidate that would be a Good President?"


Blogger liberty said ... (3:38 PM) : 

Condi or maybe Shadegg


Blogger gordontaylor said ... (9:52 PM) : 

I am sort of like liberty...everyone I like isn't running!

Allen seems to be the front runner at this point, I admit I don't know enough about him...yet.


Blogger Charlie said ... (10:09 PM) : 

I would like to see Chuck Hagel as President, but Gov. Bill Richardson wouldn't be bad either. Both are very experienced in foreign policy and neither are too partisan.


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