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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Cure for Democrats - A Good Family Therapist

The Democratic Party is increasingly controlled by what used to be considered the radical left wingers. The money, passion, and energy from the left is now the Democratic “base”. The mainstream Democrats are now considered to be the enemy by the base. They are declaring in effect, civil war within their own party, with the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) as the symbol of evil.

The DLC is the group currently chaired by Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsak, with Bruce Reed, the former Clinton administration official and Al Gore speech writer as President. Hillary Clinton and Senator Tom Carper of Delaware are on it's leadership team. It has been the base for Bill Clinton, a past Chairman, John Kerry, and Al Gore. Tune in to leftist rhetoric in regard to the DLC and you will see statements such as this compendium:

“There is a cancer in the party, and it is the DLC.. We must do all we can to get rid of this neo-fascist tumor... they are the Black Death, rats covered with fleas covered with germs... worse than some conservative Republicans in terms of intelligence and morality... The DLC is the enemy, and I agree, should be expelled.”

Their answer is to “purge the targets” as “eradicating such timidity and disloyalty would be good for the party” as is requiring “unwavering allegiance to the party”. These guys are talking about Democrats in verbiage that sounds like something from the days of Stalin, Chairman Mao, or Nazi party enforcers.

The white hats according to their view are MoveOn, Howard Dean, George Soros, Al Franken, Cindy Sheehan, Ramsey Clark, and the like. This degree of intra-party polarization and internecine warfare is clearly the major problem of Democrats, outweighing any external conservative and Republican challenges. It has been a battle brewing for a long time, beginning with the trauma of losing both houses of Congress and then the wrenching defeat of Al Gore in a "stolen" election.

The left wing worked for the election of John Kerry with a bad taste in their mouth. "We're going to celebrate with John Kerry the night of Nov. 2. But the morning of Nov. 3, we're going to start organizing to take the party away from him, because we have serious disagreements about what the party should stand for and where this country needs to go," said one activist at the time. After losing that election too, the left became galvanized against “selling out” to Democratic moderates, and dedicated themselves to a revolution that takes no prisoners.

Steve Elmendorf, a Democratic lobbyist who advised Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign acknowledges that they "represent an important resource for the party, but they are not representative of the majority you need to win elections. The trick will be to harness their energy and their money without looking like you are a captive of the activist left."

Right now it is a Hobson's choice for centrists - leaving the energy and money of the left wing on the table, or allowing them to ascend to leadership and insure defeat at the polls.

The only path that can win is to heal the rift and unite, but no one – not even Hillary Clinton – has found the way to do that. This family feud has become a bad case of domestic violence. It's time for Democrats to enter long term family therapy before they kill each other. The hardest part will be finding a therapist that is up to the job.

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Blogger Copernicus said ... (3:19 PM) : 

Well, such should be expected from years of philospohical and political inbreeding on the democrats part.


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