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Friday, March 03, 2006

Blood in the Water

Katrina, Libby, Abramhoff, a hunting accident, Dubai, and a golden dome. Some of them are serious events, some normally second page stories. Nevertheless, the liberals are dancing and the media is in a feeding frenzy. Years of pent up frustration and anger are finding a target, as the President's poll numbers bleed. They finally found a vein, and they will go for it with predatory delight.

None of these problems would, in isolation, have had a major impact on Bush's popularity. It has taken relentless biased coverage, combined with inexplicable poor handling by the President and his staff. It has reached the point that the story is the story, and the facts of each really won't matter.

The President is repeating the old lines about a leader having to do some things that won't play well in the polls, but that is just his job. Unfortunately, he is going to find that low poll numbers are going to make doing those things much more difficult if the trend is not reversed soon. A President can do a lot with the weight of popular opinion behind him.

An unpopular President finds the sledding tough, and even those in his own party begin to feel free to cross him. We are seeing the beginning of that now, particularly on the ports issue, with many Republicans jumping ship, afraid of having the national security high ground yanked out from under them.

It's going to be tough for a damaged, early onset lame duck, second term conservative to catch a break from here on out. If nothing else, he is going to have to spend alot more time on directly getting his message out, and building support where he might have taken it for granted in the past. The sharks are circling, and damn few seem to be throwing any lifelines.

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Blogger j.d. said ... (12:25 PM) : 

You're right on some level. Many of the President's problems are his own creation; his less-than-forceful defense of the NSA wiretapping program, the botched ports deal, the "cartoon jihad", Iraq, and a host of other things he has been "less-than-forceful" about.


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