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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Alabama Church Arsonists Arrested

Good news in the case of 10 Alabama church fires that have caused such grief in their rural congregations. Reports from several sources are saying that police have arrested three college students in connection with 9 of the arsons, who claim it was a joke that got out of hand. It was no joke to the people of Alabama, who have had the specter of old and bad memories raised. Some congregations had been reported to be standing guard over their churches at night.

Many feared it was the work of hate groups and racists, even though four of the churches had predominately white congregations. Apparently tracing tire track marks to a rarely purchased set of all-terrain tires resulted in breaking the case. All three of the Birmingham students have admitted involvement.

It was not clear if they will face state or federal charges. It's nice to see good investigative work catching some idiots for their crime, and putting people in Alabama more at ease tonight.

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