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Saturday, February 18, 2006

One Newspaper Shows Courage

The good folks at Instapundit note that our neighbor to West, the Rocky Mountain News, had the testicles to publish the notorious Muslim offending cartoons. Maybe a new Pulitzer prize category is needed - a courage in editing award.

It seems that their readership has applauded their action. Journalistic ethics have not been sufficient motivation to get most newspapers to do the right thing in standing up to intimidation. Perhaps a realization that having courage on this issue is good business will be a more effective impetus.

John Temple of the Rocky Mountain News had this to sum up: "This whole experience of publishing these cartoons has been enough for me to want to wear a Danish flag pin in solidarity with that country and to regret - at least during this test of journalism's commitment to free speech - my membership in the American Society of Newspaper Editors."

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