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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Media Surrendering to Terror

By a strategy of rioting, killing, and cash bounties for murder, Jihadists are waging a war of intimidation and fear to censor western media. Journalists, authors, and politicians everywhere are increasingly afraid to say anything that might offend Muslims. Those that do find a million dollar price on their heads, as a Danish cartoonist just did, or they are silenced by their own organization or government out of fear of reprisals.

An Italian reform minister angered Muslims by wearing a T-shirt decorated with Western media cartoons satirizing the Prophet Muhammad. The Muslims responded by attacking and burning the Italian consulate in Libya, with ten deaths. The reform Minister resigned. Libya suspended its interior minister and other officials, not for failing to protect the consulate, but for using force in trying to prevent it. It declared Sunday a day of mourning for "our martyr sons".

On Friday, Denmark temporarily shut its embassy in Islamabad after days of violent protests in Pakistan. This is the fifth embassy that Denmark has closed since the cartoon row sparked off.
The strategy is working.

Journalists and media who would normally be screaming censorship are instead issuing nonsense that their deep respect for Islam is dictating their decision not to publish content that might offend. We know it's nonsense because they certainly don't hesitate to publish words and images deeply offensive to other religions, such as Christians. They are just plain afraid, either that they will be blamed for riots and killing or that they will be targets themselves.

Silence and censorship is not “being responsible”. When the non-Muslim world's press submits to terror tactics, they hand the Jihad an enormous victory. The responsible thing to do is obvious. Tell the truth about the Jihadists, their beliefs, and their tactics. Encourage free expression of opinions regardless of threats and intimidation.

The Islamic campaign for the repression of ideas and truth cannot be allowed to succeed. Freedom has always had a high cost. It remains to be seen if we still have the courage to pay that price.

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