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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Media Fires Both Barrels Over Cheney

It's a press dream come true. A chance to jump on two subjects that top their hate list - Dick Cheney and guns. The topic - Vice-President Dick Cheney has hunting accident in which he injures one of his party. The coverage - you would think it was Watergate. The White House press conference was a real feeding frenzy. They smelled blood (pardon the pun), and were ripping into the Press Secretary with zeal.

The questions on why the White House did not immediately release a story on the incident rather waiting overnight hit a fevered pitch. One reporter actually asked, "Will the the Vice-President resign?". The news networks, particularly MSNBC and CNN had the usual suspects bashing Cheney, the administration, hunting, and of course, firearms. That the story is much ado about nothing is obvious.

What the media revealed in the process was their own extreme bias and the lengths they will go to take cheap shots at their favorite targets.

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