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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Liberals and Lemmings

Help me understand what is going on with the political left. They seem to be caught in a rigid path of self-destruction. It's like watching Lemmings marching off a cliff. It's painful to see.

Liberals frame themselves as intellectuals, culturally sophisticated, and sensitive souls who "feel your pain". But listen to them talk or read their words. The arguments they put forth often lack any semblance of logical foundation or well framed discourse. The tone of delivery seems to swing between childish petulance and someone needing an anger management course. Actually hatred management might be more accurate. The level of sheer meanness is difficult to fathom.

When you look past these issues to the content, there seems to be very little left. Subtract the rage, minus the pouting, delete the wacky conspiracy stuff, ignore the insults, and what remains? Far too often, nothing.

I don't think it has always been this way. There used to be some articulate, bright, and reasoned people who spoke for the Democratic party. Now we have the last Presidential candidate, Al Gore, who seems to be ascending into a higher orbit from earth each day. We have the Chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, doing his best to alienate the mainstream with his red-faced tirades. And of course, there is the constant but predictable fuming hyperbole of Ted Kennedy. Teddy Kennedy, for goodness sake.

When a Democrat is heard that sounds like something other than a caricature, like Joe Lieberman, his fellow Democrats descend on him like a pack of cannibalistic wolves. Until something rather basic changes in the liberal camp, the Democratic party seems headed for further marginalization.

Democrats desperately need a positive, proactive, intellectually sound agenda brought forth by a reasonable, credible voice. That image does not even appear on the distant horizon of national Democratic leadership. If it does, they will probably shoot it on sight.

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