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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Islamic Genocide of Gays

Many gay people in the United States are left to far left in the American political spectrum. They tend to view conservatives and particularly conservatives of the Christian stripe in stark terms of disdain and even fear. Some of the extremist Christians admittedly give a basis for this in their anti-gay views and rhetoric.

The “orthodox” gay view is one that sees the Republican party as their greatest threat, going to extremes of typifying them as fascist, a view without accuracy from any rational political comparative analysis. While it is true that social conservatives are generally opposed to gay agenda issues such as gay marriage, the demonization of conservatives has an unfortunate and ultimately dangerous effect. That danger is in being blinded to the most lethal threat to gay people, which is Jihadist Islam.

While many Christians believe homosexuality is a sin, the Christian theological foundation stone of hating sin but not the sinner, has meant that all but the “lunatic fringe” such as Fred Phelps, believes that homosexuals need to be redeemed and saved. There are numerous examples of Christian groups that try to convert gay people to heterosexuality. Most gay people view this as misguided, unrealistic, and insulting. Compared to Islamic belief and practice, however, it is benevolent and caring. For example:

Secretary of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association in Britain, George Broadhead, commented that all Muslim countries outlawed homosexuality, and the penalties for those convicted ranged from prison, flogging, and execution by a variety of perverted methods – such as throwing the victim off a cliff or pushing a stone wall on to them to bury them alive. "The record of these countries on human rights in general is bad enough, but when it comes to gay human rights, they are disgusting".

NSS Newsline 2003 Apr 25

The one attempt to form an Islamic group by gay men, Al-Fatiha, resulted in a "fatwa," or religious edict.. "The very existence of Al-Fatiha is illegitimate and the members of this organization are apostates," the decree said. "Never will such an organization be tolerated in Islam and never will the disease which it calls for be affiliated with a true Islamic society or individual. The Islamic ruling for such acts is death."

This attitude is not limited to fundamentalist Islamic countries. Even in democratic societies, Islam remains overwhelmingly anti-gay. Dr Muzammil Siddiqi, director of the Islamic Society of North America, says "homosexuality is a moral disease, a sin, a corruption… No person is born homosexual, just as nobody is born a thief, a liar or a murderer. People acquire these evil habits due to a lack of proper guidance and education."

Sheikh Sharkhawy, a cleric at the prestigious London Central Mosque in Regent’s Park, compares homosexuality to a "cancer tumour." He argues "we must burn all gays to prevent paedophilia and the spread of AIDS," and says gay people "have no hope of a spiritual life." The Muslim Educational Trust hands out educational material to Muslim teachers – intended for children! – advocating the death penalty for gay people, and advising Muslim pupils to stay away from gay classmates and teachers.

Gay people would do well to pay more attention to the real danger confronting them. The goal of Islamic Jihad is no secret. Jihadist leaders throughout the world are vocal in stating that they will seek to rule every country on earth, and will not cease their holy war until this is achieved.

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