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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Far Left Morphing and the Impact on the Democratic Party

The far left has made an interesting set of deductions. It goes something like this:

Premise: We Hate Bush and conservatives. Bush the fascist is evil. Bush always lies.
Conclusion: Anything Bush supports is evil. Because he always lies, whatever he says is a conspiracy to do just the opposite.

Issue: Bush says he wants an independent democratic Iraq.
Conclusion: The war in Iraq is evil. Bush invaded Iraq because of an imperialist oil grabbing conspiracy and really wants the government to fail.

Issue: Bush says he wants a unified Iraq.
Conclusion: Bush wants civil war so that he can grab the oil and make his imperialist invasion permanent.

Issue: Bush condemned the bombing of the mosque in Sammara and called for an end to sectarian violence.
Conclusion: Bush bombed the mosque and is conducting psy-ops to incite civil war.

Issue: Bush says we must fight terrorism and Jihadist extremists.
Conclusion: Bush really created the war on terror as an excuse to create an imperial presidency, take over the Supreme Court, and achieve imperialist global domination. Those who fight against the Jihad are fascists.

This thinking came from far left wing bloggers. The logic or lack thereof is difficult to follow, so we attempted to organize them here to make them clearer. Anti-Bush hatred has reached a fevered pitch in which any failure of a Bush policy or initiative is cause for celebration. That is true even when it means harm or defeat for American interests.

The views of the fringe would have little practical importance, except that similar influences seem to be affecting the attitudes and behavior of the larger liberal wing of the Democratic party. We are not hearing liberal activists speaking out on the virulent anti-gay aspects of Islam and plight of women in Islam. Nor is the left leading condemnation of Islamic anti-semitism and anti-Israeli rhetoric.

Howard Dean as Chairman meant "a lot of mainstream, middle-of-the-road, centrist Jewish Democrats would be very turned off and concerned and would be left wondering whether they have a home in the Democratic Party" -- Jay Footlik

Many more must be disenchanted now, with the retreat on the left for the support of Israel and the current failure to respond to Islamic anti-semitism.

The attempts to censor western press by Islamic threats, rioting, and fatwas are mainly met by the left with meek excuses about politically correct sensitivity. Hillary Clinton is regarded with distrust in this quarter because of her support of the war and anti-terrorism. Joe Lieberman, the Vice-Presidential candidate in 2000, is now being treated like a traitor to the party with liberal hate sites devoted to him.

Al Gore is scoring points and making a comeback with his consistent opposition to the Iraq war, and his speech in Saudi Arabia where he denounced the U.S. government for committing "terrible abuses" against Arabs after 9/11, and that Arabs had been "indiscriminately rounded up" and held in "unforgivable" conditions. Pollsters say he is now in second place behind Hillary among Democrats, and analysts project he would take away half of her support in primaries.

It's tough to see how any of this bodes well for the chances of Democrats in the 2008 Presidential election. Right now the Democrats are so focused on their anti-Bush mantra that they act like they will be running against him again in 2008.

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